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Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest - Premium Overt Black Cordura Cover - Level 2 - Stab Proof

Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest

Includes protection from stab and strike threats (multi-threat) - Maximum protection

  • Protects against almost all handgun threats including .22s, 9mm, .357 Magnun
  • Stab or spike protection offered by selecting the multi-threat option
  • Brand new Cordura premium black cover
  • Meant to be worn overtop of clothing
  • refurbished quality inspected Dupont Kevlar ballistic panels
  • light weight, around 5lbs depending on size and type
  • Kevlar panels have been professionally inspected and have passed strict quality controls.
  • Kevlar panels have been repackaged into new liners to simplify care and increase durability of the product.
  • Originally manufactured in the United States of America.

More information on ballistic levels can be found here

Choosing the correct size
Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL) Double Extra Large (XXL)
Chest (inches)

34 - 36

38 - 40

42 - 44

46 - 48

50 - 52

How is it so inexpensive?

  • We buy in bulk
  • large quantity orders are sourced from around the world concentrating on police forces.
  • Large police forces have huge budgets and powerful unions that require very short product cycles

Kevlar Armor is simply the best.  It lasts the longest and retains its ballistic properties.  It is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and only direct UV exposure has been shown to reduce its effectiveness.

More information on why our Kevlar vests are the best protection can be found in our FAQ.