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2 X 10x12 Polyethylene Plate In-conjunction NIJ Level III Ballistic Plate


2 x 10x12 Polyethylene Plate In-conjunction NIJ Level III Ballistic Plate

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Thinner and lighter with the same protection as ceramic hard armor - front and back shaped cuts
Full size plates for maximum protection
Upgrades your 3A soft armor bulletproof vest to Level 3 (NIJ Level III) to protect against military/rifle rounds.
ICW means it is meant to used with a soft armor system. The plate will stop military/rifle rounds in a standalone fashion but fragmentation may occur which the soft armor will easily stop. These are thinner and more lightweight than full standalone plates.
Will stop the common AK-47 MILD Steel Core 7.62 X 39mm threat and more advanced threats
***** This is for two plates ****

Items were purchased in a receivership sale which is why we can offer them at such discounts.  Manufactured by a well established, experienced and reputable company (Global Armour). 

A lightweight plate constructed of High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE)
Used in conjuction with (ICW) a NIJ Level 3A soft armor bullet resistant/ bullet proof Kevlar vest
Brand new - never issued
Single curve with cut corners
1.24 kg / 2.7 lbs
230 mm x 270 mm x 20 mm (inner size)
10 x 12 inches (outer size)
Black Nylon 

Protects against: 
7.62 x 51mm Ball (NATO) – Multi shot & lessor threats
Fully tested and certified using 
  • M-80 148 grain @ 2772 ft/s
  • M-43 123 grain @ 2429 ft/s