Police Surplus Warehouse


  • Flat rate shipping of 25 dollars per bullet proof vest
    • Ships anywhere in North America
  • For smaller products weight, size and destination will be used to calculate the cost.
  • We do not charge a handling fee and do not profit from shipping in anyway.
  • We are not responsible for any fees or delays related to customs
    • Vests are correctly labeled as protective clothing.


Are the products we sell legal in your local? 

  • For the most part yes but there are as many rules and regulations as there are jurisdictions. 
  • If you have been charged with a felony owning or possessing a bullet proof vest can be considered a crime. 
  • Our products are intended to be used by people involved in the security industry and are only for personal defence. 
    • It is your responsibility to understand the rules and regulations in your area.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will reimburse the full purchase price.

  • Please contact orders before returning your purchase
    • We will provide you a shipping label
    • Please reference your original order number
  • Refunds will be processed against the original purchase method (paypal, Visa, etc)
  • For defective products we will refund the full purchase price including shipping
    • Returns for other reasons will not include any shipping costs.
  • Returns are accepted 30 days from receipt of product.


Are refurbished bullet proof vests safe and effective?

Absolutely.  The NIJ Institute, the agency that provides the testing and certification for bullet proof vests is on record for stating that Kevlar armor does not lose its ballistic properties from age alone.  "NIJ tests failed to demonstrate any significant differences in 10 year-old armor, regardless of the extent of use or apparent physical condition". 

For more information please read https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/189633.pdf (page 66)

We employ experts to thoroughly inspect all of our Kevlar panels for any signs of excessive wear.  Only the best are used and all are purposely repackaged to ensure protection from dirt and water.